We build communities through technology

About Us

iOpenhub, Inc. is a startup company that aims to harness the power of technology to help people build communities; Contrary to common belief, technology does not have to alienate people from each other. We can use technology to bring back the days where people lived in a village knew each other so well that they would not hesitate to help each other out in troubled times, or work with each other to make their community a wonderful place to live and work.

Our Mission

To provide communities with a versatile platform for reliable and up-to-date information as well as to connect with each other for sharing of resources and interests.

Our Products

Community Website

A community website is a very effective tool for a group of people who have common interests to share information and communicate with each other. Examples of communities that can benefit from a community website like the ones that we built are: a neighborhood, a cyclist club, a local group of wine lovers. Check out www.TheFortCity.com and see all the features that our community website can provide. It is well suited for cross-platform functionalities so that a strong community is built with the website, external popular social media and social messaging apps.


Coshopping is to buy products together with other people to yield benefits that are not available when you shop alone. Our platform facilitates coshopping by providing essential tools to the coshop organizers to manage the group orders. Anyone can set up a coshop on our platform, as long as he or she can offer something that makes coshopping compelling to prospective buyers.


This is a travel site that showcases places that are worth exploring in the Philippines.


This is a mobile app that facilitates groups to design and engage in treasure hunts in outdoor places. Anyone can create a treasure hunt, by designating locations and setting quizzes or challenges for participants at each location. Geolocation technology is used to see if a participant has reached a designated location.

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